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Where Creativity Takes Flight

The Dhrishti Center for Performing Arts provides a unique location to host a captivating array of theatrical events, music concerts, dance recitals, literary showcases, and art exhibitions.

Our Dhrishti Center For Performing Arts will feature eclectic music and dance shows, fine plays of all genres, niche events, and art exhibits. Our center houses interactive training venues, including an acting studio. Our acclaimed Dhrishti brand brings in artists from all over the world to create exquisite experiences for you.

Dhrishti Dance and Music Schools

Our state-of-the-art venue is the perfect location for music instruction, dance lessons, recitals, and instruction for other forms of art. We provide our Bose Matrix audio and video system, recording capabilities, and other instructional tools to promote artistic learning in innovative ways. There is Wi-Fi, free parking, and available food and beverage services for full-day school sessions.

Dhrishti Theater Performance

The Dhrishti Theatre will host a number of theatrical performances and events, while our studios also allow us to support a wide range of dance and yoga workshops. With the power of our audio and video systems and our recording and instructional capabilities, the Dhrishti Center takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect location for your performance!

Dhrishti Art Gallery

The Dhrishti Center For Performing Arts gallery offers custom ‘atmospheres’ for hosting art exhibitions and sales events. It is a sublime setting for hanging or displaying artwork ranging from paintings and multimedia art to sculptures and cultural artifacts. There is free parking, Wi-Fi, and food and beverage hospitality services available.

Meeting Spaces

Here at the Dhrishti Center for Performing Arts, we offer meeting spaces for artistic workshops, poetry and book clubs, business seminars, and to bring together “communities of practices.” There are video recording capabilities and free Wi-Fi available, along with food and beverage hospitality services. Reach out to us to see how we can personalize your meeting experiences.


The Matrix Club is a premier convention, banquet, and performance venue created around the idea that people are inspired by the opportunity to share unique and special moments. Book your next event with us today!


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